Back panting glass

We Do High Quality Back Painting of a Glass Surfaces

Both Back Painting and Back Printing

We serve New York City metro area, New Jersey and Long Island

Lead time - 2 business days! No hiden fees!!! 

Blue Glass Bath Wall Red Glass Back Painted Wall

Back Painted Glass Back Printed Glass Shower Wall

        Solid back painted or back printed glass is - a flat glass of any form which is painted or printed from the back side and viewed from the front side, or "first surface" side. Back painted or back printed glass is widely used for coloured glass walls for interior glazing, coloured glass backsplashes, glass marker boards and dry erase boards, coloured glass counter tops, shower backsplash, artistic glass, escalator walls, stairs, refrigerator doors, furniture, cabinet door, shower screens, table top, wardrobe doors, mirrors, kitchen backsplashes, signs, bathroom backsplash, commercial interiors, laboratory backsplash and more. Back painted or back printed glass is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials in the US decorative and architectural industries.

So, what you get for $10 per square foot? 

  • Free consultation,
  • Color matching and sampling for you to approve it (if you need it),
  • Painting or printing the backside of your glass (cost of the glass, measurements, installation are excluded)

For $55 per square feet you get the following:

  • Free consultations,
  • Accurate measurements,
  • Professional glassworks: cutting the material,  edges processing , making of cutouts,
  • Glass tempering (if necessary),
  • Color matching and sampling for you to approve it (if you need it),
  • Painting or printing the backside of the glass,
  • Delivery and professional installation.

Glass coloration Colored glass

Glass Painting

 We have the capability to: 

  • Match Any Color,
  • Directly paint on any glass or print on it, without using vinyl or stickers,
  • Cut the glass, process the edges and make all necessary cutouts (outlets, light switch holes, and faucet holes),
  • Temper the glass,
  • Deliver and  Install it professionally.

How can you make an order? 

  1. CALL US BY TEL. +1 347 462 9042;
  2. Send your request by e-mail:, and we'll get back to you shortly;
  3. Visit our showroom at 1206 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11224

 Payment conditions

  1. Deposit: 50% of the cost, due at the time of measuring the project space,
  2. Final payment: 50%, due after installation.
Painting glass Glass painting

We save your money.

Our price for glass back painting is only $10 per SQF. The average price of such products and services on market is $12-$18 per SQF. Our price is lower due to the fact that we are not resellers but manufacturers. We produce our products on our own production facilities.

Our production facilities.

Back Painting Glass Reverse Painting Glass

Back Painted Glass Back Painting Glass

Reverse Painting on Glass Glass Painting for Sale

Back Painting Glass

         We will color match as closely as possible to the color or color swatch/fan deck code you provide us with. It is almost impossible to exactly match a color swatch/fan deck code with back painted glass. Larger pieces of back painted glass are usually darker than smaller pieces due to the optical effect glass has with light. Another factor of slight color difference is, most batches of glass (even know it is the same brand) have various amounts of (green/blue) iron content due to the many variables in the float glass process (process of making glass).