We Produce and Install Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

Both Back painted and Back printed

We serve New York City metro area, New Jersey and Long Island

Measurements, Design, Glass, Delivery and Installation!!! 

Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Kitchen Backsplash with backprinted image

Solid glass kitchen backsplash is - back painted or back printed glass of any form of clear glass that is painted or printed from the back side and viewed from the "first surface" side or the front side. Back painted or back printed glass is widely used for colored glass walls for interior glazing, colored glass backsplashes, glass marker boards and dry erase boards, colored glass counter tops, shower walls, artistic glass, and more. Back painted or back printed glass is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials in the US decor and architecture industries.

glass backsplashes kitchen backsplash

backsplash backsplash

 So, what you get with us? 

  • Free consultations,
  • Unique design of your glass kitchen backsplash,
  • Accurate measurements,
  • Professional glassworks: cutting the material,  edges processing , making of cutouts,
  • Glass tempering (if necessary),
  • Color matching and sampling for you to approve it (if you need it),
  • Printing or painting the backside of the glass,
  • Delivery and professional installation of your kitchen backsplash .

 glass kitchen backsplash kitchen glass backsplash

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painted glass painted glass

glass backsplash printed glass backsplash

 We have the capability to: 

  • Match Any Color,
  • Directly paint on any glass or print on it, without using vinyl or stickers,
  • Cut the glass, process the edges and make all necessary cutouts (outlets, light switch holes, and faucet holes),
  • Temper the glass,
  • Deliver and  Install it professionally.

How can you make an order? 

  1. CALL US BY TEL. +1 347 462 9042;
  2. Send your request by e-mail: interiordecorny@gmail.com, and we'll get back to you shortly;
  3. Visit our showroom at 1206 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11224

 Payment conditions

  1. Deposit: 50% of the cost, due at the time of measuring the project space,
  2. Final payment: 50%, due after installation.

Back painted solid glass kitchen backsplash

glass backsplash backspalsh



  Our Pros:

PRODUCT PROS: Our solid glass kitchen backsplash: 

  • Back painted or back printed,
  • Clear glass or crystal clear starphire glass 1/4” thick,
  • One side painted glass (looking glossy and stylish),
  • Not exposed to a mechanical damage and fading,
  • Tempered, on request if it make sense (when it is very close contact to high heat, or when high impact is a very real possibility),
  • Designed to be used at temperatures up to 950 0F degrees without any damage or discoloration,
  • Durable: extremely tough, scratch-proof, heatproof, easy-to-clean, non-staining, breeze to maintain and hygienic,
  • Installed in 1,5 hour time. 

Your choice pros:

  • We offer our 15 years of experience in the field of glass kitchen backsplash creation;
  • Our backsplashes are 100% green;
  • Our customers have entrusted us the execution of more than 20 000 unique orders;
  • We are not afraid of small orders. We take challenges of any size, volume and complexity;
  • We use only high end materials coupled with our high-tech equipment that ensures the creation of backsplashes of exceptional quality and stunning finish;
  • Our graphic designer is always here to help you perform your ideas;
  • All inks have excellent brightness and resistance to sunlight. The kitchen backsplash will keep the same brightness for many years even under a constant sunlight;
  • Our attention to details and guaranteed support ensures complete customer satisfaction;
  • We are proud of our clients and our products;
  • We always process your orders in time.

Back painted glass kitchen backsplash Backpainted glass kitchen backsplash

printed glass backsplash

glass backsplash installation


One of the best solutions to the problem are solid glass backsplashes! Our technology allows images to be printed directly on the back of the glass and sealed for added durability. While a more costly solution, such backsplashes are 100% green, heat, discoloration and mechanical damage resistant and authentically pleasing.

Solid glass kitchen backsplash One piece glass kitchen backsplash

Our glass backsplashes are fully customisable. As soon as your kitchen is installed, we come in and make minute measurements so that the backsplash fits perfectly and is fully functional. In terms of how the end product looks, you are limited only by your imagination.

We will take orders for both solid color and photo images. We will even put you in touch with our brilliant designer for advice or from start to finish image production. We then print it from the back side of  a glass, add a protective layer on top of the paint, and install the backsplash professionaly.

Glass backsplashBack printed glass kitchen backsplash

white backsplash

     Painted glass is usually known as: colored glass, painted glass, back painted glass, color coated glass, glass paint, painting glass, glass back painting, glass backsplash, glass splashback, colored glass counter top, European colored glass etc...
     We will color match as closely as possible to the color or color swatch/fan deck code you provide us with. It is almost impossible to exactly match a color swatch/fan deck code with back painted glass. Larger pieces of back painted glass are usually darker than smaller pieces due to the optical effect glass has with light. Another factor of slight color difference is, most batches of glass (even know it is the same brand) have various amounts of (green/blue) iron content due to the many variables in the float glass process (process of making glass)